How do I report?

How to report?

Keep at hand detailed information of what happened considering the questions: Who?, When?, Where?, How? And if possible, gather evidence that support your claim.

The report must be clearly written, describing the situation, stating the date and place of the facts. Consider that the investigation cannot be made if the information is incomplete or mistaken.

Who should you contact?

  • Your direct boss
  • Our Chief Integrity Officer
  • Go directly to our platform Our Ethics Commitment

How do I use the platform Our Ethics Commitment?


The informant should have all the information related to the case, as well as the evidence, if it exists, asking themselves: Who? When? Where? How?

The informant accesses the format and the Dynamic Web Assistant will help making relevant questions according to the information that is given, providing with options to fill in the name and position of the involved parties, add proof elements, writing the report, classifying it and all the relevant information required to achieve an adequate investigation.

When the report is finished, the system will provide with a folio number, which is indispensable to keep track of the report.


Your track folio number/code is necessary when access the help line:

  To know the status of the report investigation

  To know the conclusion and corrective measures

   To add evidence or additional information

   To inform about fault reoccurrences